The products from the company GmbH are the result of our long-standing experience in the field of listening therapy based on the teachings of Dr. Alfred Tomatis and systemic listening therapy. During the development of our products, we placed an emphasis on the following qualities & values:


Functionality is based on the application of the theories of listening therapy according to the work of  Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Expanded applications of these theories are now possible and allow for a greater differentiation of pedagogical and therapeutic approaches, resulting in enhanced efficacy.

Sound quality

Sound quality and sensitivity are very important in listening therapy & training.  The technical capacity of the equipment used must be of the highest quality to support and promote the neurological and psychological processes.


Stability and reliability are essential in the practical application of day-to-day therapeutic work. This is important for a quiet and stress-free atmosphere. The products from have already proven their worth and have now been used for many years worldwide. Our experienced, technical team is here to support you directly, with remote on-line technical assistance and maintenance, if necessary.


The products from are designed to convey the quality of the technical equipment and the scientific development that stands behind it.  Our equipment will make a statement in your office or studio — that you are a professional using state-of-the-art technology.