DEEA Ultraportable


This small hand-held training and therapy device is the newest development of It creates another level of freedom for the pedagogical and therapeutic work of the listening program. This portable player is programmed with enhanced music of the same high quality as the larger DEEA units.  A professional quality headphone delivers the listening program with both air and bone conduction and is fitted with a small distributor for volume control. The player can be programmed with up to 28 music selections, creating a 7-day individual listening program. The player also has a clip that allows it to be easily attached to a listener’s clothes or belt. This sturdy portable device allows the DEEA Ultraportable to be used anywhere – in the office, at school, at home – inside or outside. Because the enhanced music program of the DEEA Ultraportable  is of therapeutic strength, it should only be used supervision of a trained listening therapist.