Advantages of DEEAdvanced

What are the advantages of the digital electronic ear?

  • DEEA uses a high quality digital resolution of 24 Bit/96 (192 KHz) which provides a solid platform for precision of internal processing and creates an output signal of the best sound quality possible.
  • DEEA provides ongoing development support & upgrades of their software along with updated training opportunities.
  • DEEA can be maintained & supported externally via the internet with an existing ISDN/DSL connection. Upon request, we can offer remote log-in technical support for your equipment.
  • DEEA incorporates high quality audio components into the system, such as RME’s audio interface, one of the finest components available for audio production.
  •  DEEA is constructed with individual modular components (software, computer, audio interface, ear phone amplifier and earphone splitter, etc).  Therefore, in case of malfunction, only the defective part would need to be replaced.
  • DEEA can be used with a PC, laptop, MAC-Mini or iMac. Trainings and therapy sessions can be created using a variety of profiles. Currently, the largest DEEA system can operate 4 programs simultaneously, while supporting 64 separate audio outlets. The smallest DEEA system, intended for use in the field, uses a laptop and can fit in a briefcase.
  • DEEA uses a display that is similar to the ‘electronic ear’ equipment of Dr. A. Tomatis, providing for a continuity of terminology used in listening therapy.
  •  DEEA’s design and development team is comprised of experienced technicians and practitioners.  The system has been created from “experience to practice” and has benefited from the creative ideas of the team who are united in their vision for the future of listening therapy.